Building Bridges Across Virginia

In 2022, I extended my bridge-building to 9 regions of Virginia as I participated in the Sorensen Institute’s Political Leaders Program. This 10-month program focused on civility, respect and bipartisan politics. We visited 9 regions in Virginia, and learned about their unique culture, economics, and politics. The friends I made in my cohort of 35 reflected back to me how often I talked about Fredericksburg, and how much I love Fredericksburg. My love of Fredericksburg is the reason I am running for City Council.

Building Bridges With Love

We have all witnessed the damage elected officials can do when they act without love. Love is inclusive, respectful, responsive—not reactive, and strong.

Love of Fredericksburg gives me the passion and energy to work to make Fredericksburg the best it can be. Love reminds me to listen, even when I don’t agree, and to respond with respect and appreciation. If someone has negative feedback about an aspect of Fredericksburg life, it means they care; they’re invested; they haven’t given up. Love gives me the energy to spend hours consensus-building instead of just voting and hoping for the best.

Love is what brings Fredericksburg together, what makes it special and what motivates me to work for you on City Council. I want to continue building bridges in Fredericksburg to connect the many areas we have—the old and the new. I want to connect the people of Fredericksburg to each other, to our resources, our schools, and our businesses. Not everyone who works in Fredericksburg or has a business in Fredericksburg is a resident of Fredericksburg. But their contributions to our city’s soul, and culture and our resources are immense. I will continue building bridges with all the people in Fredericksburg with love.

This campaign is about all of us! I need your support.