Building Bridges - Endorsements

Bridge building on a personal level is a strength of mine. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, and spend much time downtown forging relationships with small business owners, volunteering, or strengthening friendships while supporting our small restaurants and businesses.

I am proud to endorse Jannan Holmes for the Fredericksburg City Council. I have known Jannan for more than twenty years, and I know she will bring her deep commitment to Fredericksburg and its people to her work on City Council. As a mother of two young adults and a School Board member, Jannan is a fierce advocate for public education. As a mental health professional, Jannan has worked for decades to support community members and will bring this important experience to City Council. As a small business owner, Jannan understands the experiences of small businesses and will tirelessly work to strengthen Fredericksburg’s local economy. She is a fantastic choice for the City Council, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting her.

Abigail Spanberger, Congresswoman, Virginia’s 7th District

I’ve known Jannan for years, and in that time I have continually been impressed with her commitment to community service and her love of this town. Jannan is not one to sit on the sidelines and let others do the work. She is in the mix, making sure our town grows and progresses. I am so happy and proud to endorse as a candidate for Fredericksburg City Council. We will be lucky to have her and her boundless energy once again!

D. D. Lecky, Libertytown Arts Center

I am so happy to endorse Jannan for Fredericksburg City Council. Jannan is a regular presence in Downtown Fredericksburg and is a champion for small businesses. I especially appreciate her curiosity – long before she sought office, Jannan would solicit thoughts from small business owners and staff on various issues affecting our community. She leads with heart – listening, offering solutions, following-up, and seeking compromise. I trust her, respect her, and look forward to working with her on the City Council.

April Peterson, Owner, River Rock Outfitter and former President, Fredericksburg, VA Main Street

I’ve watched Jannan make a difference on the School Board. I’m supporting her for Council because I know she’s the right person to lead our City through some of the tough issues we face.

Jeff Small, Fredericksburg Clerk of Court

I’ve known Jannan for years. She will bring the same dedication and energy to City Council as she has to School Board. Fredericksburg is facing challenges, and Jannan will address them thoughtfully. I support her as a candidate for City Council.

Paul Higgs, Fredericksburg Sheriff (retired)

I’ve known Jannan for over 30 years. As a compassionate and caring licensed clinical social worker, she is well versed on the mental health needs of the youth and adults in our community and is committed to the health and welfare of all citizens of Fredericksburg.

Jane McDonald, RACSB Exec. Director (retired)

I am proud to endorse Jannan Holmes for City Council. Her dedication to the education of the city’s students, her passion for Fredericksburg, and her diligence in understanding all sides of an issue has been evident throughout our time working together on the Fredericksburg School Board. Her enduring commitment to do what is right for this city makes her an excellent choice to represent us on the City Council.

Jennifer Boyd, Fredericksburg City School Board Member

It's no secret that Jannan Holmes is a remarkable leader, friend, and advocate for Fredericksburg - she's devoted years to our community's children as a member of the City's School Board.  But aside from all those wonderful qualities, it's the work that Jannan so often does behind the scenes that I believe would make her an excellent Councilwoman.  In her own free time, and often when no one is watching, Jannan addresses the City's mental health crises; she engages our shop owners and seeks ways to support our businesses;  she is frequently in the forefront of our community events; and is often seen voluntarily guiding tourists visiting our streets.  Jannan Holmes is a tireless champion for Fredericksburg and it's my pleasure to support her run for Councilwoman.

Joy Crump, Co-Owner and Executive Chef, Foode and Mercantile

I am endorsing Jannan Holmes for Fredericksburg City Council.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jannan on the Fredericksburg City School Board since 2018, and I have known her for over a decade. During that time, I have come to know her as a dedicated public servant, a thoughtful and intelligent leader, and a person who deeply cares about the people of Fredericksburg and the health of our community.

In her time on the School Board, Jannan has been a champion for students and teachers alike. She is a collaborator who is a strong advocate for doing what is best for children. She strives for transparency, equality, and fiscal responsibility.

Jannan is also a visionary leader. She has a clear vision for the future of Fredericksburg, and she is committed to making our city a better place for everyone. She is passionate about issues such as mental health, affordable housing, economic development, and environmental protection.  

I know that Jannan Holmes will be an outstanding city councilor. She is a hard worker.  She is committed to service.  She has the communication skills and consensus-building experience necessary to be successful. I urge you to vote for Jannan Holmes on election day.

Katie Pomeroy, Fredericksburg City School Board Member

Jannan has been an invaluable partner on the school board, and I have greatly appreciated her leadership and mentorship. She takes great care in being inclusive of all stakeholders to help arrive at decisions that will be of benefit to everyone.

Matt Rowe, Fredericksburg City School Board Member

Jannan Holmes and I have served together on the School Board for many years, so I know firsthand how dedicated she is to any task she undertakes. Jannan approaches challenges with passion while
maintaining professionalism. While we do not always agree, I can depend on Jannan to make decisions
with a genuine love for the children of our community and our city as a whole. I know she will serve our City Council with the same dedication, love, and admiration I have witnessed her give Fredericksburg City Public Schools for the last 13 years. In those 13 years, she has developed the experience necessary to make a positive impact on council. Jannan’s love for the City of Fredericksburg will be an asset to us all. This is why I urge you to vote Jannan Holmes for City Council November 7 th .

Malvina Kay, Fredericksburg City School Board Member

I am pleased to endorse Jannan Holmes for City Council. She is a proven leader in our city. Her record on the School Board show she listens and puts in the work to advance solutions.

Tim Duffy, Fredericksburg City Council Member